Reclaim Privacy
in your garden

In a few days, we will set up a green wall in your garden.

Czym odgrodzić się od sąsiadów?


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Green Walls and Hedges:
Your Privacy Barrier

Green walls made of large conifers and thuja.

Years of work, full commitment, and love for nature allow us to create green walls made of large coniferous trees up to 12 meters. They protect against the wind and help shield from the neighbor. They protect against dust, car noise, and provide numerous health benefits. The shade of large trees, thuja, and other trees and shrubs effectively shields you from any prying eyes.

Climate change accentuates the importance of a screen made of large trees shielding from the wind. Green walls composed of large trees and thuja, hedges, can create a private piece of forest in your garden.

Quick Implementation of Your Green Screen

Reclaim garden privacy in a few days. We are one of the few companies in Poland specializing in erecting green walls swiftly.

We fashion Green Walls, colloquially known as hedges, ensuring privacy in your garden. We also incorporate large conifers and big thuja known for their natural air ionization properties. The plants we pick not only serve as natural garden ornaments but also fend off harmful microorganisms and dust, reduce smog levels, and diminish noise.

Experience and Passion in Creating Garden Designs and Green Walls

Plant expertise – we’ve been crafting and designing gardens for 40 years. We develop Green Walls and arrangements from unique trees and shrubs, all nurtured by us. Each is chosen based on the client’s distinct needs, ensuring our flora thrives healthily in your garden. Some plants we offer have been with us for 40 years. We’re intimately familiar with their attributes, pinpointing the ideal ones for your garden.

Our vast experience has enabled us to drastically reduce the green wall creation time, now only taking a few days. We recognize the invaluable essence of privacy, striving diligently to swiftly introduce you to tranquility and nature’s embrace.

We offer more than just a visually stunning garden. We bring dreams to life. We forge Your Place, a secluded sanctuary, allowing moments of pause and harmony with the world around. It provides an opportunity to breathe deeply, connecting with one’s inner SELF.

Health Benefits of Green Walls

Our plant projects don’t just beautify; they are health havens.

We design plant screens that double as your garden’s ornament and have anti-smog properties. They curtail CO2 levels, consequently boosting oxygen presence. This immediate air quality enhancement ensures deeper breaths, simultaneously reducing potential respiratory ailments.

Furthermore, we choose flora known to absorb toxins and cleanse the air of viruses and harmful bacteria. Green walls, coupled with health-promoting flora, establish a health garden barrier against pests like mosquitoes and ticks.

Our pinnacle achievement? A breathtaking view offering solace, a distraction from daily troubles, and a mood uplift, amplifying your productivity.

Colorful plant wall configurations guarantee privacy, infuse positive energy, alleviate negative sentiments, and soothe the senses, allowing utmost relaxation in your garden.

We invite you to explore our video gallery:


Green Walls, Hedges, and their features – explore our crafted masterpieces

We conceptualize green wall designs, garden architecture, and whole gardens, tailoring to every client’s wishes. Additionally, we showcase trees and shrubs for individual acquisition. We are confident you’ll discover the ideal plants for your garden with us, filling it with allure, delight, and health! Our offerings include various ornamental coniferous shrubs and trees, spanning from a decade to 40 years of growth.

Rest assured, all multimedia content on our site represents our handiwork.


Up to 12 meters

Of height


Up to 3 weeks

Time to plant

From 2k euro / rmt


Before After
Before After
Before After

See an example implementation

1. Plan

    • Client consultation at the intended green wall site.
    • Thorough assessment of the site and vicinity: analyzing light access, soil composition, and any present barriers.
    • Photograph the intended green wall location for preliminary project design.
    • Engage in a dialogue about initial expectations and client preferences regarding plant types, wall style, and functionality.

2. Concept, Estimate, Approval

    • Devise a green wall concept, reflecting all gathered intel.
    • Draft a detailed financial forecast, encompassing plant costs, materials, and labor.
    • Present the project and cost estimate to the client. Delve into every detail, making amendments based on client feedback.
    • Aprove client’s project and cost nod, progress to the execution phase.

3. Trees

    • Select appropriate plants.
    • Ensure seamless plant transportation, maintaining their pristine condition.
    • Conduct a quality check on the received plants.

4. Execution

    • Prepare the foundation for the green wall: eliminate impediments, terrain leveling, and soil preparation.
    • Professionally plant as per the project’s blueprint.
    • Incorporate desired technologies, like irrigation and lighting setups.
    • Educate the client on wall maintenance, ensuring its longevity.


Proven Quality in Your Garden – TM-GREENWALS Green Screens

When crafting green walls, we employ our specialized technology, TM-GreenWalls screens, drawing from years of hands-on experience and valuable collaboration with seasoned partners both locally and internationally.

Our exclusive technology encompasses:


TM tree and shrub selection system considering varied criteria such as ionization, aromatherapy, color therapy, health, and phytosanitary attributes.


TM low plant selection system to combat ticks and other pests.


Greenleaf root ball anchoring mechanism.


GCL mats enhancing irrigation, ensuring thrice the water conservation.


Greenleaf aeration and hydration framework.


TM precise watering system.


Substrate formulated to boost root growth.


Rooting medium infused with GCL mycelium.

Our green walls, screens, and hedges are meticulously tailored to client needs using coniferous trees and ornamental shrubs, including:


Thuja Smaragd, Aureospicata, Spiralis










... and a plethora of others

Arrangements with Large Trees

Beyond just green walls and TM-GreenWalls screens, we also craft unique settings with individual large trees. Such arrangements can safeguard your privacy in sync with nature.

Our vibrant setups invigorate gardens, infusing them with a burst of positivity owing to the unique attributes of the plants. Moreover, they serve as a natural garden cover, shielding from dust and attenuating noise. Whether it’s our green walls, TM-GreenWalls screens, or standalone large tree arrangements, we can craft them in record time, entirely obscuring external views while instilling your garden with a singular charm.

Your Dream Within Reach

With decades of dedicated service and acquired wisdom, we stand poised to make your dream of a distinctive haven a reality, Your Place. This private retreat offers a pause, a moment to attune with the world.

We serve across Poland and Europe

We serve across Poland and Europe, sculpting green walls and TM-GreenWalls screens from trees and shrubs, some of which have accompanied us for over 30 years. Ranging from fledglings to towering 12-meter giants, we’re assured of their adaptability to our climes and their organic growth trajectory. This ensures the impeccable crafting of plant barriers.


Waterfalls and Garden Design

Hedges aren’t our only forte. Our portfolio proudly showcases our comprehensive service range, which includes magnificent garden waterfalls and detailed garden projects.

Garden Waterfalls

Desire a distinctive, tranquil element in your garden? Few things compare to the serenity a waterfall brings. Our garden waterfalls aren’t just visual spectacles but are also architectured to foster a natural ecosystem within your garden. Employing cutting-edge technology and premium materials, we sculpt waterfalls that emerge as your garden’s focal point.

Garden Design

Every garden narrates a unique tale and demands personalized attention. Our ensemble of garden design maestros amalgamate expertise and creativity, delivering to clients designs that are pragmatic yet aesthetically pleasing. Regardless of your garden’s size, we draft designs that resonate with your aspirations, making your garden visions tangible.

Pair our garden designs with our signature green walls, and witness the metamorphosis of your space into a natural sanctuary. Engage with us to discover how we can remodel your garden, blending nature with functionality and panache.